Simply melting pure chocolate will not produce the results that make a chocolate product irresistibly appealing. Melted chocolate has issues including a mediocre finish, a longer time to harden, and a rubbery feel instead of the crunchiness that is needed.

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Here are a few cheat codes that can change your baking game for good.

  • Always use the chocolate that’s called for in the recipe

Different types of chocolate react differently to temperatures and might not work well with all recipes. You should be very careful while substituting one kind of chocolate to another as they might have different amount of cocoa butter and cocoa powder content in them.

  • Always know if your chocolate is sweet, semi-sweet or sugar free

Chocolates with varied sugar content can change the flavour of the dessert and might not give the right texture and decadence to your recipe.

  • Be aware that temperature plays an important role while working with chocolates

While using couvertures, temperatures must be seriously taken care of. Storing the chocolate away from heat and moisture is critical as this will keep them ideal to use for a longer duration and keep it’s shiny and crisp finish intact. Chocolate should never be kept in the refrigerator for long-term storage because the damp atmosphere causes it to bloom. If the weather is particularly hot or humid, freezing your chocolate is always the better option.

  • Weigh chocolate properly

Always ignore the weight of the bowl while measuring the amount of chocolate. For which you can weigh the bowl first and set that weight as the zero indicator.

BARofChoc makes this process easier by providing proper divisions of 100gms in all its packs.

  • Stirring melting chocolate at regular intervals

The chocolate should get equal amount of heat to melt so that the fats and solids break apart. Proper stirring will help keep the temperature same throughout and help retain its gloss even after it sets. Before using a chocolate thermometer, always stir slowly for 1 minute. This will ensure a more precise temperature reading. Also, avoid stirring too much after removing it from heat as this will cool the chocolate faster.

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