BAR45 Dark Couverture (45% Cocoa)


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BAR45 Couverture, a chocolate for every baker.  No compounds only couvertures. A versatile Dark BAR meant for just about anything chocolate.

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BAR45 should be the first BAR you goto if you are just being introduced to Couverture Chocolates. BAR Dark Couverture Chocolate 45% is an easy to work dark chocolate but is as sweet as a compound. You’ll see the difference in quality taste plus the additional health benefits of using cocoa butter, which ensures we raise the BAR of your bakes. Its a heavenly chocolate to make smaller customised chocolates, a nice cake icing, a pure chocolate sauce or even a sweet hot chocolate. Our 45 is super versatile so anything with chocolate can have our BAR45.

BAR45 is super easy to use and super yummy to eat, bake or make any cake. If you’d like to check out a recipe using our BAR45, check out Chef Kaizad from Goodies Vadodara and 7-year-old Pranaaya make chocolate snowmen. Something simple and quick for you and your child as an evening snack or a mini-dessert. If you do make something with our BAR Dark Couverture Chocolate 45% send it to us so we can feature your recipe and video on our social media channels

BAR – Baker’s Artisanal Recipe’s

Baker’s Artisanal Recipes of Chocolate (aka BARofChoc) was born specifically to serve the needs of the baker. We began by crafting high quality baking chocolate with handpicked ingredients to help bakers create the best cakes and cookies. We only produce plant based dark couvertures, as we know the Baker will transform this into whatever they may like.

Instructions for melting BAR 45% Dark Couverture Chocolates:

  • Put the chocolate in a heat proof glass container over simmering water or on top of a warm oven.
  • Ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with moisture or water in any way.
  • Avoid mixing BAR couvertures with any compounds.
  • Please make sure that the temperature that exposure to the chocolate does not exceed 45°C at any time.

Ingredients: BAR Dark Couverture 45% of Cocoa solids (Cocoa Butter 32%, Cocoa Powder 13%), Sugar, Emulsifiers and Salt.

Shelf Life – 1 year from date of manufacture.

For more recipes using a BARofChoc check out this page.

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Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 8 cm

200GM, 400GM

1 review for BAR45 Dark Couverture (45% Cocoa)

  1. Nimisha Chetani

    One of the Best Dark Chocolates I have ever had, yummily & purely dark!

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