Almond Fudge

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BARofChoc Post-its Almond Fudge By Shreya Tayal


BAR Dark chocolate – 200 gm

Butter (soft) – 30 gm

Condensed milk (room temp.) – 150 gm

Almonds (roasted)- 200 gm


1. Melt the chocolate on double boiler or microwave, make sure the internal temperature isnot too high

2. Add the soft butter and mix till combined

3. Add in the condensed milk and lastly fold in roasted almonds, mix everything well!

4. Line aluminum tray or ring with cling wrap and grease it with oil

5. Pour the fudge and flatten from all the sides

6. Leave to set overnight in refrigerator

7. Once set, use a clean knife to cut through as per your requirement

8. Store in airtight container, wrapped in butter paper!

9. This can be store for a month under refrigeration!