Chocolate Mousse



BARofChoc Post-its ‘Chocolate Mousse’ by Riddhima Kotak

Preparation time:

15-20 mins + 6-8 hours refrigeration time




100 gm BAR45 dark chocolate, 100 gm whipping cream, 40 ml water and grated chocolate for decoration


Whip the cream to stiff peaks. Melt chocolate and water in the microwave for 20 seconds, 10 seconds at a time. Add the melted chocolate to the whipped cream and gently fold it in. Fill up individual serving glasses and refrigerate for 6-8 hours. Decorate with grated chocolate and serve chilled.

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From the baker’s desk:

Baking has always been a passion since I was a kid and making it a business was a very spur of the moment decision 7 years ago. I thought of making chocolate mousse because it was my favourite dessert as a child and the BAR chocolate was perfect for a rich and smooth mousse.