Chocolate Truffle balls

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BARofChoc diaries Episode 01



Dark chocolate- 800g

Cream – 400g


Chop the chocolate slab into smaller chunks.  This helps the chocolate melt faster.

Heat cream on low heat till it starts bubbling around the edges.

Add the chunks of chocolate to a mixing bowl and then pour the hot cream over. Whisk gently until all the chocolate melts and mixes well with the cream.

Truffle Balls


Sponge / tea cake– 250g (preferably chocolate)

Ganache –  70g

Vanilla / chocolate butter cream – 70g


Crumble the sponge into small chunks.

Add the butter cream and ganache to the crumbs.

Gently knead the dough like mix until all the ingredients mix completely.

Shape into balls (or any other shape you’d like).

Garnish with sprinkles, nuts, melted chocolate or anything that you have handy.( You could also add rum soaked raisins or other dry fruits to the mix.)