Decedant Chocolate Mango Pudding

Kenaa Singh


BARofChoc Post-its ‘Decedant Chocolate Mango Pudding’ by Kenaa Singh

Preparation time:

1 hour




4-5 tblp Custard powder Sugar ( as required) Milk (as required) Vanilla sponge cake (ready or made) 3-4 Mangoes (diced) A good quality Chocolates bar 5-6 Tsp Amul cream Handfuls of Nuts(slices almonds, raisins, pistachio, walnuts)


1. Make good thick custard, by mixing milk, custard powder and sugar on a sauce pan and let it simmer. 2. Once the custard is done with its required consistency, let it cool aside.
2. Meanwhile make a crumble from the cake and set it as a base in the pudding bowl.
3. Take a good quality Chocolate bar in a double sauce pan, (not directly on the heat) and let it simmer adding the cream to make a chocolate ganache till it’s smooth and silky.
4. Let it aside and cool.
5. Once the custard is cool enough, pour it ok the cake crumble.
6. Layer some diced mangoes on the custard.
7. Now pour the cooled chocolate ganache over the diced mangoes.
8. Layer some more mangoes generously and top them up with all the nuts.
9. Refrigerate it for an hour. Boila! Your decedant Mango pudding is ready.

From the baker’s desk:

Food is therapeutic. And I am a foodie. I couldn’t just wait to go to an amazing restaurant to calm my foodie appetite always. Hence, why not also make it myself. And the since then, the story goes on with all my food trials and to be a wannabe chef!