Gluten-free and vegan butterfingers

Aanshi Patel


BARofChoc Post-its ‘Gluten-free and vegan butterfingers’ by Aanshi Patel

Preparation time:

10 minutes




Cornflakes – 1 cup Nut butter – 1 cup (can be homemade) Maple syrup/honey – 1 cup BAR Dark Couverture (45% Cocoa) chocolate whole bar


1. Ground the flakes to a fine powder

2. Add nut butter and maple syrup to the powdered flakes

3. If not gooey enough then add any plant milk of choice according to softness

4. The batter should be like soft dough

5. Flatten the dough on a pan and cover it with parchment paper

6. Roll or flatten it

7. Melt the BAR chocolate by double boiling technique

8. Pour the melted chocolate over the flatten dough

9. Decorate with coconut flakes or choice of nuts or toppings

10. Refrigerate for about 2 hours

11. Cut, serve and enjoy!

From the baker’s desk:

I love to bake now and then, when I feel overwhelmed, stressed or bored. I am on a diet and hence am restricting myself from gluten and went vegan. But being a sweet tooth I can’t let go of desserts, so I keep trying something new and different that I can enjoy guilt free.