Welcome to Baker’s Artisanal Recipes (BAR), where we pride ourselves in offering premium couverture chocolate bars to bakers and confectioners. If you are into baking, a home baker, or a professional baker, you understand the importance of using high-quality ingredients to create delectable and rich baked goods. That’s why here we introduce you to our premium couverture chocolate BAR, created with the highest-quality ingredients and designed just for bakers.

Our BAR is made with pure cocoa butter, giving it a unique texture and mouthfeel that no other chocolate can match. We believe that the high quality of our chocolate reflects our commitment to using only the finest ingredients and producing it in small batches in-house. This means that each batch of BAR is consistent of high quality, with a rich and delectable flavor that elevates your baking to new heights.

One of the features that distinguish our chocolate bars from other brands is their convenient form. Each 400 gm BAR has 100 gm creating portions, letting you do only what you need for your recipe. This also means that you may play around with different flavor combinations and make fresh and fascinating baked items without fear of wasting ingredients.

Also, our BARs are wrapped in Ziplock bags, which keep the chocolate fresh for future baking. This also allows you to store BAR without worrying about them spoiling or losing their flavor.

BAR sees baking to be an art form, and our high-quality couverture chocolate bars are the perfect ingredient to help you create culinary masterpieces. BAR is the secret ingredient that will take your baking to the next level, whether it’s cakes, cookies, brownies, or any other baked delight.

Try BAR now and see the difference in quality, flavor, and convenience for yourself.
Cause It’s a BAR of Chocolate, but not just any BAR!


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